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  1. Nocturnal

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    I can't believe these two dummies still haven't been caught. They can catch Osama Bin Laden but they can't catch these two dickheads? They are probably living the good life right now in the PI. FA'AP
  2. werd

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    I remember building a website (I think it was the Lumilife bulbs website) and designing stuff for that guy a couple years back, the times I met up with him, dude looked like he haven't slept in days...in fact he talked about "working" a lot.

    kinda shocked when I heard about the scam...FBI profile is pretty accurate...his office (Mortgage Alliance) was pretty pimp and had expensive tastes!
  3. nicktranownz

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    It blows my mind how some fugitives can stay fugitives for so long. I wonder what their life is like
  4. GZire

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  5. Humble Soul

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    Or Diane Suzuki?
  6. Aldo the Apache

    Aldo the Apache i h8 all of u

    Where's stila?
  7. UDown4sum4wheelin

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    Where's Yano? Where's PBM_808?

    iTYxMENTALiTY idgaf about you

    wheres waldo?

  9. mizoufiziks

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    ^^found him. feeling like a boss right now.
  10. Nemesis

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    I found him too

  11. JMLeez808ALT

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    LOL "Johnny D" was my first friend I made in HS when I moved to HI back in 92. Super social happy-go-lucky guy, but we even noticed back then....the LIES. We think it was cuz he grew up kinda abandoned and probably made up stories for the attention. His dad was a cold-hearted prick, his Mom seemed to care for him but he was always bouncing back n forth between the two divorced parents. He never had brothers n sisters till we were in our late-late teens/early twenties when his dad remarried.

    I also remember when he met Julie, I was living with him at the time in Aina Haina. To a degree he was kinda easily manipulated by women, probably going along the lines of growing up without much attention. Thats why I always felt like it was Julie pushing these scams....but idk I'm pretty confused now, esp. after seeing the CNBC doc (which according to John's little sister is TOTAL BS).

    Anyways I can't defend what he did...just sharing some insight on his character.

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    Back in school I always thought he was a nice enough guy, never bothered me or made trouble that I can recall, but looking back I guess he was a bit on the sketchy side. What I was curious about was if the wife is related to one of his classmates?

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