The Diane Suzuki murder 20 years later

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    Found this while looking for something else. Also discovered that Dewey Hamasaki (main suspect) still does photography in Pearl City??? The ****??

    Just google his name to see:facepalm:

    The following was not written by the way.

    Ok, there is much speculation on all these cases. This is how it was presented to me in a college class (Wayland Baptist University Hawaii Campus) taught by one of the Detectives involved in the investigation.
    Diane Suzuki was going to the North Shore with a group of friends, but she forgot something at the dance studio. She went back to the studio alone, and was never seen again.
    There was a photographer who did his work at the dance studio. If my memory serves me correctly, his name was Dewey Hamasaki. He was odd, and had a boyish crush on Diane. When informed that Diane did not show up with her friends, her parents parked outside the dance studio to wait for her to possibly return there. Diane’s parents saw Dewey, his sister, and his father carry a heavy trunk out of the studio; and place it into a vehicle. They did not suspect anything at the time.
    At some point Dewey was brought in by police for questioning, he had what appeared to be defensive scratches on him which he said were caused by a rooster. With no solid evidence he was released.
    A number of years later, a product known as luminal was being used in homicide investigations. Police requested a search warrant for the dance studio, and for Hamasaki’s (father’s) pig farm. A Major in the police department approved the warrant for the dance studio, but would not approve the warrant for the pig farm. The police detectives were very angry at the Major because they wanted to serve both search warrants at the same time. (Apparently the Major has since retired and passed away)
    So they served the warrant and used luminal at the dance studio. The evidence showed a lot of trace blood evidence in the bathroom area of the dance studio. It appeared that someone bled to death there. Keep in mind that everything I have shared up to this point was a hot media topic. They were present at every point of the investigation, and the search warrant to the dance studio received wide media coverage.
    So it you were the killer and you watched the media fiasco at the dance studio on TV what would you do. That’s right, you would make sure that the body would never be found.
    Apparently about six months later someone approved the search warrant for the Hamasaki pig farm. They dredged a pond on the property for several days. This was also widely covered by local media. At some point the officers worked there way to a stone wall. They noticed that a section of the wall appeared to have been rebuilt. So they broke open the wall in that area. They found nothing, but they took soil samples from the earth inside the wall, and had it analyzed.
    Let me mention that Dewey’s father was said to be pretty much calm throughout the past few days of having the officers on his property. When they focused on the stone wall, he apparently got very agitated. The lecturer told our class that the family’s attorney walked the prosecutor down the drive way and asked if they would accept a manslaughter pled. This was said to be off the record, and the prosecutor refused.
    While on the property, they dug up some banana trees in an area of the yard. They found a ballet tutu buried under the banana trees, but after all those years Diane’s family could not identify it.
    Ok, they left the farm with little evidence. The soil sample however showed that the wall had been sealed only six months prior, and also showed that earth behind the six month soil had been absent of oxygen since about the time of Diane’s disappearance.
    The police attempted to push the case through the prosecutor’s office, but the prosecutor refused the case. Apparently the case was not on the silver-platter that the Honolulu prosecutor required for prosecution.
    Since that time, as the college instructor informed the class, Dewey Hamasaki was in and out of the Hawaii Stated Hospital several times. At the time of the class he was believed to be living in an apartment somewhere on the island of Oahu.
    The class instructor attempted to take the case to the Attorney General, and was transferred from the homicide detail. He has since retired from the department, and has written several books. One of which mentions all three of the cases being discussed on this website, although absent are much of the details that he shared with our class.
    If you were on the jury would you have convicted? Me too!
    I’ll write more of what was shared about the other two cases, at a later date…
    I preferred to remain anonymous, I’ll set up an email address for questions, but I can’t promise to reply to all emails. If someone has more information, I would be most interested. Also is someone has information that shows any contradiction in the above information please pass that along also…This college class was back in 1995, and I realize that new information might have been released.

    If you remember this case this is facinating stuff
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    After reading what was written, it seems as if all the evidence was circumstantial. If the Suzuki's were able to identify the tutu, it would make a difference, but it still provides no evidence of a murder. If they found bones, then that is a different story. Btw, pigs are carnivores and will eat human flesh.
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    It reminds me of the episode of Criminal Minds where the guy would bring his victims to the farm, slaughter them, and feed them to the pigs. Hopefully, justice will be served.
  4. hawaiibadboyv2

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    If they had executed the search warrants at the same time they mighta found her grave under that wall. I read preview exerts from "Hawaii Homicide"
    and they thought they had Dewey Hamasaki nailed but Keith Kaneshiro wanted a body.

    read this murder of diane suzuki&f=false

    Can't believe Dewey is still kickin it and taking pics in the same area? *****n trip. Heard the guy that killed Lisa Au died in California recently.
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    i9 think i saw the same set of articles/posts as you did on the net...pretty dman interesting, i read every post i couldnt get away from it, im very intrigued about these kinds of things
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    Isn't her murder unsolved? :p I hope you're sharing all this inside info with the authorities.
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    didn't they suspect Diane Suzuki was buried in Sumida Watercress Farm?
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    Carlisle nailed Langford with no body. Its all in how you handle the evidence. Take for example the J.B. Ramsey case where the father, durring the search, found the body of his daughter and carried her out of the basement crying. By doing so he completely ruined the crime scene and all evidence found is for naught.
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    You gotta read just a little brah.:lol:

    The book was written by one of the officers handling the case. The executed warrants 9 months apart on 2 different places. The second indicates a burial spot with disturbed earth from 9 months prior.

    When they luminoled the studio the Hamasaki's moved the body. The H.P.D. supremely ****** this up by their own admission. Theres a big reason for simultaneous warrant executions. It doesn't allow for news to spread and evidence to disappear. I was around during this and I thought Kaneshiro was protecting his win/loss column. I think Carlisle woulda went for it back then. Kaneshiro was waaaay too slow to convey a Grand jury.

    The Au case so I've heard...was a guy who slipped off to cali and had a stroke 15 years ago and a son who died in a car crash. KGMB supposedly announced that the "suspected" killer of Au had died in California. If anyone knows more on this please share.

    Anyone know who this guy was?? They thought he was related to the serial killings near airport>>Waipahu
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    Pigs are omnivores.........they will eat anything.
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    Yeah, I read about all that Diane Suzuki stuff a long time ago. Old news. It's what you said about Lisa Au that had me confused. You left out the word "suspected" in your other post. It sounded like you somehow knew that the guy who died was in fact Au's killer.
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    Its the open property behind 98-057 Kuleana Pl, Pearl City.

    Twenty years? Wasn't it more like 25 years ago. If I recall correctly, Dianes mom died not having to know the killer of her daughter brought to justice.
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    I was only a Kid, butI remember seeing Tons of FLyers up in Haubush and all around looking for her.
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    so why the family not jus initial say yea we recognize the tutu jus so the police can continue the investigation rather then say no and no more anymore investigation? i mean if theyre wrong about the tutu then their wrong right? i mean not like the family can get busted for lying. i mean its impossible to kno a single persons every belonging. sad story tho. someone needs to print flyers and pass it out outside this dudes business
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    When I was in law school, we had someone involved with the Suzuki cases peak in our Professional responsibility class on the subject of attorney-client privilege and the duty of confidentiality. She claimed that the identity of Diane's killer is known but that person can't reveal because of their duty of confidentiality, which duty exists even after the death of the client.

    Surprised the Pros refused the plea. The State pretty much had no case; a plea to manslaughter would have at the very least given the family some closure. But maybe its better not to know the possibly horrible detail of you own daughters death and what happened to her body afterwards...
  16. GZire

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    ^^^The whole ethics code of crap for lawyers seriously disturbs me.
  17. kiapolo

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    Hardest exam I took was the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE or the ethics exam). Can't just rely on what you think is the most "ethical" answer. Confidentiality is pretty serious business, break confidence and consequences will never be the same.
  18. Battery

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    Wasn't Jbente ramsey's killer found? Why did the folks kill their own kdi?
  19. GZire

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    I like this one episode of Sliders where they land on a world filled with lawyers. On that world the lawyers were gun fighters and the better lawyers were the better lawyers.

    The good thing about that episode was that pleading your case to other lawyers also helped to serve to reduce the amount of lawyers on the planet.

    .............a bit more cut and dried than the test you had to take....... :(
  20. hawaiibadboyv2

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    Dewey Hamasaki. He ain't dead. He's still living near you if your in the Pearl city area. He's even on the internet advertising his photo services. His sister has always been thought to be totally involved with it (the cover-up)

    When Dianes friends went back to the studio Dewey and his sister and.... were moving a large trunk out of the studio. They saw Dianes purse and belongings in the studio and grabbed them and left. That's according to their statement to police anyway.

    Dewey Hamasaki killed Diane and the prosecuter borked it worse than the cops by tying their hands for 9 months.

    That building is fukin cursed. Diane gets killed there and I heard some girl was raped by an instructor a few years back too???

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