Stock Variator weight on SYM DD50

Discussion in 'Moped & Scooters Enthusiasts' started by abakja1, May 30, 2011.

  1. abakja1

    abakja1 Senior Member

    Anyone know how many grams the stock weights are in the variator in a stock SYM DD50?
    Any help appreciated...
  2. munkey

    munkey Twisted Dreams

    30 grams if i remember correctly or all 5's
  3. veedubh20

    veedubh20 Power User

    8/9 grams on stock dio motor..
  4. carnaby23

    carnaby23 Member

    I believe They're usually around 8.5 grams
  5. abakja1

    abakja1 Senior Member

    Thanks for the replies,..I thought they'd be 5 or 6 gms cause all the torque.
    Quess putting in daytona 8 gm weights wouldnt do anything then huh?...

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