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  1. fsp-394

    fsp-394 FH Moderator

    Hilo Auto Recycling
    Hilo, Hawaii USA
    Local Phone: 808-959-1977
    Toll Free: 888-909-4456
    Fax: 808-981-5730

    Abe's Auto Recyclers Inc
    3951 Puhi Rd
    Lihue, HI 96766
    808 632-0697​

    Maui Auto Wrecking
    Puunene, Hawaii USA
    Local Phone: 808-871-9400 ​

    Abe`s Auto Recyclers Incorporated
    Pearl City, Hawaii USA
    Local Phone: 808-455-4200

    Angel`s 24 Hour Towing & Used
    Waianae, Hawaii USA
    Local Phone: 808-696-2832

    Auto Recycling
    Honolulu, Hawaii USA
    Local Phone: 808-841-7872

    BFD Auto Wrecking
    Waianae, Hawaii USA
    Local Phone: 808-697-0233

    1006 Mikole St
    Honolulu , HI 96819
    808 839-9771

    Harry`s Used Auto Parts & Tow
    Ewa Beach, Hawaii USA
    Local Phone: 808-681-0177

    Leeward Auto Recycling
    91-222 Olai St
    Kapolei , HI 96707
    808 682-1996

    Pearl City Towing & Auto Used
    Pearl City, Hawaii USA
    Local Phone: 808-456-3822​
  2. Blkdrgn

    Blkdrgn Power User

    are you advertising for them? i neva ask first. jk
  3. Wrathernaut

    Wrathernaut There's No DSM In G35

    Can anyone provide any details as to what to expect from each of these salvage yards?
  4. cantplaywiththistoy

    cantplaywiththistoy Toyotally Crazy Est.2006

  5. Wrathernaut

    Wrathernaut There's No DSM In G35

    I mean, if any specialize in any particular make, good contacts that work there, hours, experiences...

    I guess just something more than I can get from the Yellow Pages.[​IMG]
  6. Black600

    Black600 Kick coast

    It seems like BFD and Harry's phone numbers are disconnected.
  7. Wrathernaut

    Wrathernaut There's No DSM In G35

    I seem to recall there being a salvage yard on Pearl Harbor Naval Base, but I can't find any location or other info on it, can somebody help?


    Isnt DRIVELINE out of buss. Went there all I saw were Heavy Equipment/trucks? :)
  9. as far as my experiences go with the ones that i know are still running on oahu... id say that Abes is probably the best... lots of cars with knowledgeable staff and spare shoes if you show up in slips....hah

    and that is advertising for them
  10. KiLLa KLoWn

    KiLLa KLoWn will bite bewbs for beer!

    does anyone know where i can find a trans for my car?cause i can't seem to find cars like mines in salvage yards!
  11. Jdmsleeper8o8

    Jdmsleeper8o8 Member

    how much does it cost to enter the junkyard? And how long do you get to stay there?
  12. Ecliptic03

    Ecliptic03 Cant Stop Wont Stop

    its free to walk in a junk yard. $$ for parts, take um off yourself, bring your own tools.
  13. Bamboo-

    Bamboo- Senior Member

    Any body have experience with the hilo yard? what kind of cars they got over there?
  14. Kawnbred

    Kawnbred Member

    Is the one by Pearl Harbor the one called ABC used parts.

    My friends Dad own that. The Dad is super cool and cut you deals if
    your respectable and humble to begin with. Just don't expect deals when
    the wife is there.

    Other than that, sometimes they have what FH'ers are looking for.
  15. KiLLa KLoWn

    KiLLa KLoWn will bite bewbs for beer!

    do you know if they have 04-05 civics in there?
  16. zero

    zero how many fingers?

    there's one small yard on schofield.. they pick up the abandon vehicles from when soldiers move.. they're real cheap.. sometimes get good running car out of there.
    They're over mauka of the burger king. By the vet clinic.
  17. sadc

    sadc FH mod

    is abes in pearl city industral?
  18. 80DrIfTeR

    80DrIfTeR Power User

    the one called ABC Auto is a great yard , but yeah hes right dont expect deals when the wife is there. go in there ask to speak to MR YU(sp) and tell him what u want. just was there today and got a hell of a deal on new seats for my car.... wife wanted 100 bucks he gave em to me for 60!!!
  19. 80DrIfTeR

    80DrIfTeR Power User

    i am looking for any yards that have Lexus SC's or MKIV Supras. anyone know?
  20. yjk

    yjk Member

    I wish salvage yards would have a website and/or list the cars available for
    parts. If they could afford a digital camera, take a picture, and post the cars
    available, I'm sure their business would be much more profitable than they are now.

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