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  1. titan

    titan the bitch is back

    Recon phone # 733-2542

    Recon fee is $15, exact change! no credit cards


    Alignment --you need an alignment printout, dated within 30 days of recon appt. and must be within manufacturers' specs.

    Yes, they will test your tint (BE LEGAL 35% +/- 6% )

    Tint on windshield--illegal

    SUVs, trucks, vans, can have as dark tint as they want rearward of the driver's and passenger's front side windows, as long as it is NOT opaque.

    Affidavits for rims and exhaust no longer required.

    No recon required for rims with in the fender lips.

    Body kits are not a recon item

    Spoilers are not a recon item

    No recon required for EXHAUST ONLY

    Battery must be secured

    Air intake must be secured

    Timing gears must be covered

    The decal plates for safety check stickers and recon stickers are illegal if mounted on or attached to the license plate

    No clear-corner lenses, blue lights, or license plate covers allowed

    While this is outdated, this is the only online document available regarding recon: July 24 1986.pdf/view

    There have been many many changes since this was printed so it is best to call 733-2542 during business hours if you have questions. or post questions here.
  2. GrApHite03

    GrApHite03 508 to 808

    i still have this:


    WHITE LIES Senior Member

    went back to update my recon-recently put on some bigger rims and tires. scheduled an appointment as usual. filled out a new form with the updated information, they rechecked bumper/license plate and headlight heights and filled in that section-and i was good to go. no charges for update.
  4. ccxb

    ccxb FH Drinking Team Member

    found this in an old Xshift mag i have lying around.
  5. kalihicop

    kalihicop Moderator Staff Member

    Can a "C" notch pass recon?

    1. [C notch rear (boxed and welded) ] UPDATE!..."C" NOTCHES not allowed again...if you did get recon during those few years then you are grandfathered in. / drop spindle front. (regular stuff)

    Can "Air Bag" suspension pass recon?

    2. Bags are O K as long as they are installed properly and installed on the original perches, no cutting, welding, or relocating. No cutting of the frame is allowed either.
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  6. FHMod7

    FHMod7 Administrator Staff Member

    Cut and pasted from various threads in this forum.....

    Thanks to all contributors, with special thanks to Minihune. I think we can all agree that he's been providing excellent information here.

    Also, an apology to Kalihicop. I deleted one of his posts because it was a duplicate of information I have here. Please don't arrest me.

    Please note: some content has been edited from their original posts for the sake of clarity.

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  11. kalihicop

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  12. 18놈

    18놈 좃나 Staff Member

    Just a FYI I heard Recon is now welcoming WALK-INS.

    No more calling to make an appointment. Apparently they hired more people.
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  13. kalihicop

    kalihicop Moderator Staff Member

    Walk ins at 8 and 2
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