oxy elite pro, lipo 6 black or atrophex?

Discussion in 'Hawaii Sports Talk' started by PBS, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. PBS

    PBS shooter

    need another fat burner/thermogen pill thatll give me a energy boost, faster metabolism, etc, etc. Right now my stack is just CLA and Megaman with 2 scoops of whey as my post. All I know is that the stack of mega man sport, jacked and oxy elite is very popular, but it should still be good since im already taking mega man. Lmk if you have tried it/currently on it/know anyone thats currently on it/etc. Ill also have a poll open, but please chime in to tell me what you think is the better buy. No drama, just a simple ''id buy this one, because...'' Thanks everyone.
  2. stylez53

    stylez53 Mizou, check your inbox! Staff Member

    they are all junk. dont waste your money seriously. start cutting down on your total calorie intake and watch what you eat.
  3. Raudi

    Raudi Paper Ass-Gasket

    Took Abdominal Cuts and didn't notice to much of a difference. Lost more just watching what I ate and how much I ate.
  4. RUSH

    RUSH Senior Member

    If any of those does give NRG boosts then do you really need Jack3d? that would be alot of caffiene...?
    BTW what was you FB b4?
  5. PBS

    PBS shooter

    im only doing CLA and megaman with whey shakes as of now.
  6. AR-Pull

    AR-Pull Power User

    You should ease up with having a forum decide for you on pill popping for losing fat. The pill will only work if you work harder and smarter than the pill. Besides that, your estrogen might be a bit high.

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