Oceanic Time Warner Cable's New $3.95 Internet Modem Lease Fee

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  1. SirMontego

    SirMontego TV MA LSV

    Has anyone else received their new Oceanic Time Warner Cable bill this month? There’s a new $3.95 Internet Modem Lease fee.

    It appears that Oceanic is letting people buy their own modem instead of being forced to pay the monthly lease fee. Go to this link and type in your zip code to see which modems are “allowed”

    I think it might be time to start looking at Hawaiian Telcom.
  2. ZyklonB

    ZyklonB Meat Popcicle.

    Does not bother me one bit. I like the extra control and possible speed bump from a premium DOCIS 3.0 modem. It's the 134 bucks that gets me. This is of course for the nicest one for me in -my- area.
  3. SCCA S2000 #23

    SCCA S2000 #23 Project Manager

    I would never go with H-Tel, no way. At $4 a month that comes out to just under 3 years ROI if you bought your own modem. It's up to you to determine which is best for you. For me I prefer lease since if the device fails I can always go back to Oceanic and get a new replacement. Buy your own and the device is covered by the manufacturer's warranty period only.
  4. K Kuriyama

    K Kuriyama New Member

    I just called Oceanic to swap out my MODEM but was told their internal business process can't handle the swap out now. Not date was given when a swap out could occur. This is particularly annoying given that their billing system obviously has been changed to add the $3.95 / month.
  5. SirMontego

    SirMontego TV MA LSV

    The ROI for one of the cheaper modems is less than a year.

    Here's a revised list of supported modems: http://www.timewarnercable.com/en/residential-home/support/topics/internet/buy-your-modem.html

    The Motorola SB5101U modem on that list is $49.19 from amazon. This modem is good for people using standard service (not turbo, extreme, etc). http://www.amazon.com/Motorola-SURF...ie=UTF8&qid=1353731302&sr=1-2&keywords=SBG901

    $49.19 / ($3.95 + 0.18 general excise tax of 4.5%) = 11.9 months.

    For the finance people out there, if the modem lasts 3 years, the rate of return would be 94.1%. If it only lasts two years, the rate of return is 79.898%.

    I don't know about you, but I think that 79.898% interest rate is ridiculous. Given that the modem has a 2 year warranty, that's about the best investment I've ever seen.
  6. K Kuriyama

    K Kuriyama New Member

  7. SCCA S2000 #23

    SCCA S2000 #23 Project Manager

    The ROI is under 1 year if you go with the absolute cheapest of the bunch. However the problem you face is like with any product, if it fails, you're SOL especially if you're outside the store's in-store exchange period which most cable modems will survive.

    Motorola's a big company but I deal with them for RMA's and it's a huge headache as a consumer. Netgear support for Hawaii = speak to Indian fellow due to the time difference, and they have a very high failure rate.

    If you're going to pay for your own, I wouldn't even bother with any of them if they didn't support all DOCSIS standards, Gigabit Ethernet and USB port.

    As for the added price for using TW's cable modem, I think it's reasonable. They don't use the best stuff out there but it's guaranteed to work on their network, if it breaks because it's your fault, HECO's fault, or product quality, you can drive to Oceanic and have it swapped out. If a newer/better cable modem becomes available through TW, you can exchange your old one for it.

    Unlimited replacements, unlimited upgrades, guaranteed to work. It's a small price to pay IMO.
  8. Funyuns

    Funyuns Senior Member

    Is there any speedboost to be gained from buying your own modem? Thinking about the 65810 or whatever it is that is about $130. I guess I'm lucky that $130 really is a drop in the bucket so I don't want to get into the whole ROI talk, if the modem breaks I'll buy a new one no biggie. My question is whether it is possible to get a speed boost. Seeing as how I can eliminate my wireless router by going with that modem I think it might give a small bump.
  9. Funyuns

    Funyuns Senior Member

  10. SirMontego

    SirMontego TV MA LSV

    No. Road Runner speed is capped by Oceanic. I think right now standard internet is 15 Mbps (the website says 10, but they've recently upgrade everyone). Changing the modem won't make it faster.

    I considered getting the Motorola SBG6580 modem (the one with wireless) but I read that people were having problems with the wireless so I got the SB6141. It was about $100 (now Amazon is selling it for $90, DOH!).

    Set up was a breeze. I opened a chat with Oceanic, gave them the modem's MAC address, told them I'd return the Oceanic modem to Ala Moana, and the tech person connected me. After that, I disconnect the Oceanic modem and plugged in my own modem and everything worked perfectly. Whole thing took less than 5 minutes.

    In about 2 years, my modem will have paid for itself. I guess time will tell if I was right to buy one instead of following SCCA S2000 #23's advice of renting.
  11. Funyuns

    Funyuns Senior Member

    I don't mean faster in that sense. I meant faster as in more stable. I pay for Turbo since it was a special and $10 more instead of $20. It's supposed to be 20mb down and 2mb up. The fastest I've ever downloaded is 1.7mb/sec. When I torrent my speed stays at a constant 1.7. That's no where close to the 20 I'm supposed to get. Even when I use speedtest.oceanic.com with its inflated numbers I get 14mb/down and 0.9mb/up. Was wondering if I buy that router if my speed would be closer to the 20mb I'm supposed to be getting. 1.7 is far off from 20 but my friend with regular RR said he gets 1mb/sec max using the same website.

    Had oceanic test my connection today and they said, "I finally got your signal back, after testing. You do have a problem. Receive level should be between ( -5 to +10 ) your's is - 12 way off. Transmit level should be ( +40 to +52 ) your is +42 that is green and clear. I'm going to try and fix the signal remotely one moment please, hopefully I don't lose you on chat." They didn't fix it since I had to leave for work. Gonna talk to them tomorrow and try to see if that helps. Have no idea what a -12 Receive level is.
  12. SirMontego

    SirMontego TV MA LSV

    I think a Motorola modem would be more stable, but I can't say for sure. The reviews say the SB6141 is good and since my old Oceanic issued modem crashed all the time, I'm willing to roll the dice on anything different. As for you getting 1.7 hahahah, that sucks. I'm getting 1.7 MB/s almost every day with standard road runner. As a matter of note, it sometimes takes a few minutes to build up to that speed, but my downloads consistently top out at 1.7 MB/s.

    If it helps your cause, I have a signal booster/amplifier.
  13. Funyuns

    Funyuns Senior Member

    That does suck for me. My numbers appear to be standard RR numbers. Not like there is any way I can tell I'm actually getting Turbo and not just getting charged for it. Switching to RR extreme on Wednesday and they said I have to get a new modem in order to do so, I better be see some damn improvements. Weird we both top out at the same number. WTF is with 1.7.
  14. SirMontego

    SirMontego TV MA LSV

  15. Funyuns

    Funyuns Senior Member

    Upgraded to Extreme and I'm getting a constant DL rate of 3.6-3.8 which is max speed for Extreme. I'm happy. They gave me the Motorolla SB6141 when I upgraded. Pretty awesome. Guess I'll stick with renting for now. Might make the switch later to Ultimate just to try it out.
  16. 808drifter

    808drifter Internet Haet Machine

    3.6/3.8 what Mbps???
    I hope not, I only have turbo and get an average of 28Mbps.

    Hell this was my speed before getting turbo.
  17. Funyuns

    Funyuns Senior Member


    I doubt you're getting 28mbps with turbo since they cap it at 20. Megabits and Megabytes are different. I was talking 3.6-3.8MB which is what 30mbps translates into.
  18. 808drifter

    808drifter Internet Haet Machine

    Just making sure, I will post a test pic tonight.
    They bump up speed if you live in a low usage area.
  19. SirMontego

    SirMontego TV MA LSV

    Road Runner options, prices, download speeds
    Ultimate, $100 per month, 50 Mbps (6.25 MB/sec)
    Extreme, $80 per month, 30 Mbps (3.75 MB/sec)
    Turbo, $70 per month, 20Mbps (2.5 MB/sec)
    Standard, $50 per month, 15 Mbps (1.875 MB/sec) - website says 10 Mbps
    Basic $32 per month, 3 Mbps (0.375 MB/sec)

    Package deals can make the prices decrease.

  20. anti

    anti swoopin' and hoopin'

    $100 for 50 Mbps, that's disgusting. Pray for Google fiber.

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