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Discussion in 'FH Lounge' started by 420, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. 420

    420 Member

    where r some good spots for oama fishing and wat do u use 4 bait to catch dem??
  2. derfrok

    derfrok Senior Member

    The usual spots.. Ala Moana or you could drive around the island looking for a bunch of people standing in the water with poles.

    make sure to palu first if you find a school and shrimp is probably the most convenient.
  3. sirhc

    sirhc no can

    hurry up they getting big
  4. EYE LEVEL 22


    sand turtles work pretty mean too. :)
  5. bitteraspects

    bitteraspects a.k.a. exodon-corleone

    negative on sand turtle for oama.
    shrimp is good if you can keep it on the hook, otherwise ika works good
  6. vsm.EK

    vsm.EK STATIS krew

    Aku belly and shrimp works good for me

    WHITE ACCORD Buy, Sell, and Trade

    half inch throw net is good
  8. punanipoundah

    punanipoundah EGshattereDreams....back2dabeginning

  9. sirhc

    sirhc no can

  10. Ahbustae86

    Ahbustae86 Power User

    If the bite is on don't palu the water. Look for the fish that stay pointing down (they looking fo food). The fish on the outside of a pile is usually the more hungry determine ones. Try clouding the bottom as well by kicking a little sand. I don't fish so if it doesn't work no blame me.
  11. Ahbustae86

    Ahbustae86 Power User

    [​IMG] Yup! Do you know if scoop net is legal? I seen some guys scoopin da pile the other day.
  12. timmy96815

    timmy96815 Junior Member

    What kind of pole and set up. Hook size, etc. Do you guys use?

  13. amazing_chen

    amazing_chen Senior Member

    thats illegal
  14. bitteraspects

    bitteraspects a.k.a. exodon-corleone

    smallest micro hook you can find.
    2lb test
    bamboo pole (or just use the top part of a spinner pole if you dont have a bamboo/ oama pole)

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