Motorcycle Salvage yard?

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  1. MASA #8


    I heard there was a salvage yard on oahu for motorcycles.
    Anyone ever heard of? Im looking for 2006 cbr 600rr forks.

    But any info would be great!

    Mahalo, Arigato, thank you, shei shei, muchas gracias

  2. tmitbyh

    tmitbyh Member

    If there is one I have a few things I would be interested in looking into.

    It might be worth a shot to call the different shops on island as well. I know the last few times I have been to Montgomery they have had a few wrecked bikes out back.
  3. haynboy8

    haynboy8 bnned

    tlc motorcycles is the salvage yard for motorcycle in kaneohe. they also have a website.
  4. MASA #8



    Thanks Bro!!!!!
  5. id4rox

    id4rox Power User

    TLC is a joke. I went to the guy (forget his name, the owner/main guy) back in 2005 or 2006 looking for an alternator for my tank 89 zx-1000r and he wanted more than $300 for one!! I had quotes from motorcycle salvage yards from the mainland for ~$125 shipped, and TLC dropped the price instantly to ~$150 and heckled me for not paying the difference, and wouldn't go any lower to match.

    needless to say, I ordered the alternator from a mainland yard for less and never looked in to TLC again.
  6. KahaluuBlur

    KahaluuBlur K-town Obake Ridr

    LOL 4rox..., short chubby guy w/ Buddy Holly glasses & birthmark on left side of face???? Randy Wong.
  7. Black600

    Black600 Kick coast

    Its good that you shopped around before making a purchase! But, for someone who needs a part right away and can't wait the shipping time, they'd probably pay his asking price. Must be a hard business because for most people, motorcycles are not a necessity so they could afford to wait...
  8. MASA #8



    Very true! But for me I have to ride every weekend or else I go nutz!!!!
    School just kills me :facepalm::(:lol::(:(:(:(:( the stress level builds up everytime haha

    But yeah thanks guys for the info!
    Its actually my friends 2006 CBR 600 and needs parts =(
  9. haynboy8

    haynboy8 bnned

  10. haynboy8

    haynboy8 bnned

    atleast the dude brought the price within 25 dollars. ive never bought anything from tlc but damn what happened to support local sh1t.
  11. crazymofo

    crazymofo we go...

    Everytime I call TLC the dude tells me he'll call me back then calls me n says he don't got it. But at least he calls me back some people wouldn't call, that pisses me off.
  12. id4rox

    id4rox Power User

    LOL hayn. you and your funny images. Maybe I was bit harsh on him the first time around, you are right, he did drop the price nearly $200, it was frustrating how he would drop so much instantly but not come the extra 20ish to make the deal. and its true, i didnt need the part on the spot so I could afford to wait a few days for the mail.

    if you need a part NOW, then TLC is probably your best (and only besides CL) place to check.
  13. riccoh

    riccoh Senior Member

    i like to support the the locals when possible, but robery is robery and sometimes if a a person treats me right he/she will get my bussines even if is a little more, honesty is the name of the game, you shouldn't try to get rich by robbing people when they are down...
  14. BIGdot

    BIGdot hi my name is strange

    hrrrm ima have to check that place out..need plastics n headlight for a r1

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