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  1. crazymofo

    crazymofo we go...

    Thought I'd make a post since its hard to find one. I live in Hawaii Kai and used to go to the 76 in Aina Hina. They no longer do bikes, only cars. They referred me to the manoa 76 but the boss wasnt there and hes the only one there that can do it. Was about to head to cycle sports when I remembered about the little bike shop behind exhaust systems Hawaii by pucks alley. I'm making a list of stations locations, please reply if you can add to the list...

    Cycle Tech - Located in the same driveway as exhaust systems Hawaii by pucks alley

    76 service station - Located in manoa

    Suzuki - Cycle Sports - Located in Iwilei next to Nimitz K-Mart

    Honda/Yamaha/Ducati - South Seas - Located on Nimitz under the overpass

    Kawasaki/Harley - Cycle City - Located on Nimitz under the overpass

    Auto Repair of Hawaii (weekdays only done by Erwin) - Located by Best Buy Pearl City

    Honda/Yamaha - Pflueger Honda - Located in Waipahu

    Thor Motors - Down the street from Hawaii Rides in Wahiawa
  2. journeyman

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    This is on the edge of being a tricky thread. Good list though..

    People are always looking for a place that will let something pass, but that can't be discussed on a public forum...

    I went to Cycle City for inspection once, and they treated me like S##t.
    They took my bike in the back (where I couldn't go), and then failed me for a back tire.
    On my way home, in highway traffic, the cap popped off my radiator.
    I'll never go there again... bunch of hype over there...

    I went to South Seas once, and they nit-picked everything they could. ...but I passed after buying some lube and lubing my throttle cable.
    They were very thorough though.. fwtw..
    Shoots, at least they let me watch them inspect it.

    The small, local shops are the way to go. They check what they have to check-off on the list, but they ain't like the greedy salesmen at the dealers... imo,
  3. Black600

    Black600 Kick coast

    You can't blame them for being strict. They let things slide, you get into an accident because of it, they get sued.

    Besides, i don't think this topic was created to rate each shop. It's just here to let people know where they can go.
  4. journeyman

    journeyman Junior Member

    Fair enough.. I guess I just wanted to say how much I despise Cycle City... Maybe I got a little over-excited, but they can kiss my @$$.

    South Seas was legit, but very thorough. Maybe some people want that, but I just wanted the sticker.

    The name of the place by pucks alley is Cycle Tech... seems like a good little shop imo.. fwtw..
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  5. crazymofo

    crazymofo we go...

    Thx, I updated the name Cycle Tech
  6. eastsidetorino

    eastsidetorino Senior Member

    Ive always liked Thor Motors in Wahiawa. Its down the street from Hawaii Rides.
  7. looney bin escapee

    looney bin escapee Cunt Rider

    Auto Repair of Hawaii also does motorcycle safety checks on weekdays only by a dude names Erwin. They're located by Best Buy Pearl City.
  8. crazymofo

    crazymofo we go...

    Thx, updated 1st post
  9. looney bin escapee

    looney bin escapee Cunt Rider

    Thanks mofo, this list is helpful!
  10. id4rox

    id4rox Power User

    Helpful information! After putting my bike to legit status (front/rear turns, plate light, and DOT approved reflectors) I cruised by cycle tech on Saturday. Despite Alvin's posted sign that Saturday inspections are by appointment, he saw me immediately, while he was trying to wrap up for the afternoon and get outta there.

    His current rate is $15, which seems more than reasonable, and his excellent service is worthy of yoru business. I usually swing by cycle sports for safety during this once-a-year ordeal, but I think I'll start going to Alvin... closer location to me and a very good guy!
  11. erclyde

    erclyde Senior Member

    Mofo I thought you sold all your bikes, or did you buy another one? Gotta get together and ride one day.
    The keiki must be big already!!
  12. Kauai Mod 1

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    Helpful thread. Pinned to top.
  13. KahaluuBlur

    KahaluuBlur K-town Obake Ridr

    Last Chance Motorcycle Shop... used 2 b located in Mapunapuna, now in Waipio.
    Call em at 833-0661, make appt. so no waiting around.
  14. GSxrPOSER

    GSxrPOSER fAShiOn RidEr

    anyone ever get safty check for a naked sportbike?
  15. Blondo

    Blondo New Member

    Does anyone know the name of the shop located on Leokane Street in the Vulcan bldg in Waipahu? I did my safety check there last year but can't find the name or telephone number. They were really good and friendly and I'd like to go back but need to find out if they are open on weekends.
  16. ddd

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    I too had issues with cycle city. Without asking some clown jumps on my bike and takes off down the street then rides it into the back where I can't go. Then comes back and tells me the inspector failed it because it had the wrong tire in back. Never before nor since had anyone rode my bike for an inspection, and to top it off apparently he wasn't even the "inspector". I was so pissed, I will never go near that shop again. You don't ride a man's bike without permission. And it had passed a number of safety checks elsewhere with that same tire on.
    Montgomery Motors on Nimitz, near Sam Choy's does inspections on bikes. I think they are a dealer for Suzuki.
  17. xxxg00w0pilot

    xxxg00w0pilot New Member

    I like Last Chance in Waipio.

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