MILA - scam or not scam?

Discussion in 'FH Lounge' started by anton chigurh, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. anton chigurh

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    people at work are pushing MILA. some kind of seed that you add to your food. aside from the MLM aspect, i was wondering if anyone had any experience with this product and if someone can point me to any proof that it's a scam. by nature, i'm a skeptic and i believe that people are being ripped off - i just can't find any proof (tbh i didn't search very hard).

    so what? scam or no scam?

    beneficial but the benefits are being over-exaggerated?

    rip-off pricing for a mediocre product?

    placebo effect?

    DEEVIL Ghetto Tech 4 Life! Staff Member

    Better head to the health and fitness forum and ask AR-Pull
  3. CuCuchiCuu

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    Just take whatever el x is taking. Fka jumpropes on bosu balls and other fancy S##t
  4. anton chigurh

    anton chigurh silver

    haha. dude is a beast though and he gives the best advice.

    i just wanted some ammo. there was someone selling that foot soaking detox thing and he almost got fired for that crap.
  5. El X

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    ..brb eating my chia pet..

    people mainly eat em because of the omega 3s..

    you could buy a S##t load of em from a health food place for the price people pay for the mila S##t though
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  7. King Justice

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    Ok so basically, Mila is an omega3 rich superfood. Also has good antioxidant properties. Is it a scam? Depending on how it is presented.

    What its good for:

    Void filling for persons who habitually eat foods deficient in the nutritional elements that Mila contains.

    What its not good for:

    If its being sold as a miracle healer, it is not. If the targeted pathology is derived from bad nutrition then it is possible for Mila to help. If the person has systemic issues or missing certain building blocks or has mitochondrial dysfunction then it matters very little what super gimmick they are taking in. The body wont convert it.

    So what is Mila? Another product with a comp plan to make money. No science validation. No peer reviewed publications. Is it healthy? Well sure its healthy but so is 3 square rounded meals.
  8. anton chigurh

    anton chigurh silver

    nobody at work is touting it as a miracle healer, just that "it's good for you".

    sounds like it's only a rip-off cause it's prolly not worth what people are paying. that's not so bad i guess.
  9. mizoufiziks

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    wasn't familiar with "mila" so i googled it. guess it's just a special blend of chia seed. chia is nothing new, and at least THAT certainly isn't a scam. like others said, chia is a great source of your omega-3's and fiber. a lot of our customers swear by the chia seeds we sell, and a lot of them are super picky about them.

    i guess what you're askin is whether or not mila is any better then chia. in that case, i can only assume that yes, probably a little better, but it's not like you're going to jump for joy from the difference if you're switching from chia to mila chia. potency of supplements makes a huge difference.
  10. mizoufiziks

    mizoufiziks Enforcer

    wow, ok i just looked up how much mila costs. that's definitely a ripoff. we sell a pound of chia seed for $12. a pound of mila chia seed (on amazon) costs $55. tell your coworkers to save their money and just switch to regular chia seed.
  11. mizoufiziks

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  14. King Justice

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    ill tell you what IS a scam. those proargi-9 guys and their destroydiabetes website. it does NOT destroy diabetes. its just a precursor to nitric oxide which is a vasodialator. they also says it cures heart problems. never mind that there are hundreds of different types of heart issues, it fixes them all! and the last straw was a rep trying to tell me that it cures cancer. gimme a fucking break. if its a blood venue dialator and the person has stage 4 cancer what happens? what is stage 4? its when your cancer is rooted and now tied into your blood system and is spreading cancer all over your body. now you increase blood flow and BAM, youre done. fucking unethical fuckers. anyone with proargi9 want to debate me on its working mechanism? go for it. im game as F##k
  15. Aldo the Apache

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    Proargi9 made my penis grow 3 inches.
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  17. eatsleepswim

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    If you want the best quality chia at a very reasonable price, check out the site of Wayne Coates, AKA Mr. Chia.

    Stay away from MLM's as the price is inflated no matter what the quality of the product is.
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  19. mizoufiziks

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    I do that exact "LOL face" meme when customers ask if we carry mila
  20. 1NEETOE

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    I just eat my burgers and drink beer. Life's too short to worry about what miracle food is best for you.

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