Micranthemum Umbrosum 'Monte Carlo'

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  1. Taniner

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    Micranthemum Umbrosum 'Monte Carlo' or also known as Creeping Pearl Grass. Its a new type of foreground plant rarely offered for the planted tank hobby. It grows well in both hard or soft water and med to high light... co2 is recommended. This foreground plant grows by sending shoots outwards crawling along the substrate.

    $25 for (8) 2-inch stems


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  2. RiceCooker 2

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  3. ken2

    ken2 100% Asian - the antimoke

    Looks great, but I don't run CO2 and I'd probably kill it. My Java Fern keeps rotting off.
  4. Taniner

    Taniner Junior Member

    How are you planting your java fern?
  5. ken2

    ken2 100% Asian - the antimoke

    Not really planting as in burying anything. They all sank, so I just let them sit on the gravel next to the drift wood. Sometimes I'd tuck some of the roots under the driftwood to keep them from moving.
  6. Taniner

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    The way you are planting them isn't wrong. Most people tie them lightly onto the driftwood which is practically the same thing. When you say your fern is rotting away. The leaves are look like they're slowly being eaten away?
  7. ken2

    ken2 100% Asian - the antimoke

    Some have dark brown patches and they turn dark and fall off.

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