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Discussion in 'Big Island General Chat' started by Desteb, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Desteb

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    Hi, my hubby and I are coming to Maui in August for our 28th wedding anniversary. Where are the best places to buy souveniers that are actually made in Hawaii? Also we want to bring my son home a ukulele. Where would you suggest to look for one? What other souveniers are 'must' bring home items? Thank you in advance..
  2. habeansha

    habeansha FH VIP
  3. supajap

    supajap Active Member

    take home lava rocks, they make great souveniers
  4. Love2Live

    Love2Live Well-Known Member

    You know that park rangers made up the story about lava rocks right?

    Tourists were taking home a lot of them and so they made up a myth that its sacred and cannot be removed otherwise misfortune will befall the ones that do.

    But Im sure you knew it was all a trick to keep people from taking rocks.

    Ya, im sure you did.
  5. Humble Soul

    Humble Soul Powered by Poi

    There are some who have actually shipped back lava rocks to Hawai'i because of bad luck and misfortune. True story.
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  6. habeansha

    habeansha FH VIP

    post office on da big island has a fatty pile of lava rocks mailed back, even get one book i remember reading in elementry of all the stories people wrote back with their rocks they mailed back to HI
  7. michet1

    michet1 New Member

    When I was in Kehei we went the swap meet and got great stuff @ real good prices

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