KimChee Fried Rice

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    BROKKANIC Ako Ang Tatay

    So who makes bomb kimchee fried rice?

    My wife likes Asahi Grills one. Any place better?
  2. REALIST53

    REALIST53 Guest

    Hey, my friend's mom who use to live Maui just opened a dope shop up here.

    they have pretty bomb kimchee fried rice

    Lotto Bento & Catering
    322 Kalihi St.

    across lex brodies
    mention his name "Joseph" for 10%

  3. Cuttooth

    Cuttooth Power User

    side street inn makes a good kim chee fried rice. big city diner makes one too, but it's not as good
  4. Monster91

    Monster91 dennaB

    big city dinner has some good KimChee fried rice!
  5. hyungnim

    hyungnim Patience is a Virtue

  6. oneshot

    oneshot ANIMO CriminaL

    side street, is da dopeness
  7. BMWDriver

    BMWDriver Bah, Humbug! Staff Member

    Make your own you lazy sh*t! :haha:
  8. Cuttooth

    Cuttooth Power User

    yeah, forgot about taiyo, there's is good too

    i donno, BCD's one is ok but side street's is way better. (imo of course)
  9. Rockstar Scoti

    Rockstar Scoti New Member

    ive had many kim chee fried rice plates and i must sa that if not the best...its close to it. harbor snack shop behind cuter ford. they use good kine kim chee and mix with kal bi meat. BOMB!
  10. teamxbladez

    teamxbladez Member

    karen's kitchen in waipau comes with teri beef and you gotta add the spicy chicken katsu for $2
  11. stylez53

    stylez53 Mizou, check your inbox! Staff Member

    I never did like Big City's just because there are peas in it. I usually get my fix at the KCC Farmer's Market (Hawaiian Style Chili Co.). Taiyo isn't bad, and Tsunami has decent kim chee fried rice.
  12. anton chigurh

    anton chigurh silver

  13. stylez53

    stylez53 Mizou, check your inbox! Staff Member

    I haven't been the Kim Chee 2 since they increased their prices.

    Also, my bad anton. I was on vacation when I got your text, forgot to text back.

    SLIDE LINES Power User

    nakamuras in waik's is grinds.
  15. DubUTeeEff

    DubUTeeEff Member

    sure you don't mean kristin's in waipahu cause i was just goin say that.... unless get one karens too in waipahu wid some bomb kcfr....!
  16. teamxbladez

    teamxbladez Member

    oh yea it is called kristen kitchen but their kimchee fried rice is hella spicy
  17. Hobocop

    Hobocop "Ghetto Bringer"

    Harry's Cafe near ward theatre. They got an early bird special dollar for spam eggs and rice as well

    BROKKANIC Ako Ang Tatay

    Went to Side Street this past weekend. Had the Kim Chee Fried Rice and the Boneless Shortribs on a sizzling platter. Top notch!
  19. Rockstar Scoti

    Rockstar Scoti New Member

    oh yeah bro side street is always a good choice

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