Iida's Are STILL in Business!

Discussion in 'FH Lounge' started by .24Lapua, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. .24Lapua

    .24Lapua Senior Member

    Remember that Japanese store at Ala Moana? They are STILL in business! One block ewa from Ala Moana on Kona Street!
  2. 808_State

    808_State Good, good...

    They must have a loyal customer base cause their hours are fricken generic.
  3. BMWDriver

    BMWDriver Bah, Humbug! Staff Member

    They've been in that spot for several years. If you guys don't know where it is, it is across Sports Fan Addicts fka Aku Bone.
  4. yeah mon

    yeah mon Active Member

    what happen to the crack seed store?
  5. 808_State

    808_State Good, good...

    They are still open too! Just have to go to Chinatown. You'll see them immediately.

    PRO-TIP: You can now get free rat feces and infection with your crack seed from buying in Chinatown!
  6. bluehawaii2003HD

    bluehawaii2003HD Look I'm Special Now

  7. CessnaDriver

    CessnaDriver For Mod 2010

    They shut down. Couldn't afford the rent. They moved all their operations online. http://www.crackseedcenter.com
    Icees and cigarettes not sold online.
  8. anton chigurh

    anton chigurh silver

    ahhhhh iidas.
    - buy wooden cork gun.
    - cut the string holding the cork.
    - give to little brother and tell him to "scare" mom.
    - profit
    - ?????
  9. GZire

    GZire Power User

    Has anyone ever actually bought stuff from Iidas? Sheez I've been in there dozens of times, but don't recall ever purchasing stuff.
  10. .24Lapua

    .24Lapua Senior Member

    I bought me a lucky cat...

  11. GZire

    GZire Power User

    I hope that's a pic from Iida's. If that's in your house, then you have some issues to deal with.
  12. .24Lapua

    .24Lapua Senior Member

    Look at the photos ABOVE! This IS Iida's....
  13. BMWDriver

    BMWDriver Bah, Humbug! Staff Member

    I got more maneki nekos than that.
  14. exit9

    exit9 Solid Member

  15. GZire

    GZire Power User

    You must've opened up a buncha stuff to need that many.

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