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  1. Craftykid

    Craftykid Member

    So I got a HOV violation ticket while driving to school one morning. You guys can call me an a** or a dick for using the lane but i woke up late and was unaware of what time the HOV lanes ended. Now i got a court date, and i was wondering if there is any way or lowering the ticket cost because im am only a college student struggling to make a live.
  2. BMWDriver

    BMWDriver Bah, Humbug! Staff Member

    Pleading ignorance is not an excuse and if you do so, it might piss off the judge. Perhaps express remorse in violating HOV rules and ask the judge for mercy as you are a struggling student. It probably won't work, but it doesn't help to try.
  3. Craftykid

    Craftykid Member

    Im not trying to make any excuses since i am guilty of using the HOV lane. I just want to know how much my fine might be or anyway of lowering it. thanks for the advice, maybe i'll try that
  4. MrBkkt-1

    MrBkkt-1 Well-Known Member

    200 bucks, according to the sign.
  5. kalihicop

    kalihicop Moderator Staff Member

    Ask the prosecutor to offer you a deal you can't refuse and they sometimes lower the fee in a plea bargin...
  6. ShikikanZero

    ShikikanZero ??? Member

    when i got mine i had to pay 105 or something like that..didnt make my insurance go up though.

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