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  1. JahPahNeh

    JahPahNeh Power User

    Where's the spots at?? Here's a thread for Hiking Pictures/Views/Trails/Directions/Tips/Ect.. Post em up! Anything Hiking..
  2. JahPahNeh

    JahPahNeh Power User

    I'll start with Koko Crater. Sorry the pictures kine of Big lol.
    Views from the top.
    Sandy's side
    Hanauma Bay
    Hawaii Kai
  3. nline4

    nline4 Professional Listener

    I highly recommend the Mt. Ka'ala Hike that starts off in Waianae. Very intense, incredible view at the top. Once at the top, walk around the radar station for the good views. You can see North Shore and Diamond head standing in one spot! 4025 ft. high.
  4. shoe

    shoe Power User

    Hawaii Loa Ridge is one of my favorites.
  5. sumtingood

    sumtingood Senior Member

    A bunch of friends and I plan on hiking next month but most of them are not in the best of shape. Anybody have any suggestions on beginner trails? Also, any recommendations on what trails have awesome views? Thanks.
  6. JahPahNeh

    JahPahNeh Power User

    ^^^Hey, how do I get there?? I've been wanting to try that one, but none of my friends know exactly where it is. Thanks
  7. JahPahNeh

    JahPahNeh Power User

    Hey I'm no expert on this, but the Aiea Loop Trail is pretty flat except for one uphill/downhill depending on which way you go/there's some what of a view, not the greatest though/lots of trees, coverage/kine of longer trail IMO, think it was somewhere around 4miles/parking free
    Also been to Manoa Falls/slight inclines nothing major though/the view is of the Falls from the bottom, was more like a trickle when I went/lots of trees, coverage/shorter trail IMO/5 dollar parking fee or park on street and walk in, short walk in.
    Also been to Diamond Head/some what of an uphill nothing major though/some stairs before the tunnel and up towards the top if I remember right/nice view of the ocean/no trees, coverage, very dry/5 dollar parking fee or park outside on street and walk in, long walk in, waste time I'd pay.
    Hope this helps a little, I know there's more beginner trails out there, but these are the only ones I know.
    Shoots [​IMG]
  8. kiapolo

    kiapolo I'm not a rapper.

    Kamehame RIdge in Hawaii Kai is not too hard (it's a road) but at the end is some spectacular views of Waimanalo/Windward Coast:

  9. dvs_boy

    dvs_boy Senior Member

    theres sum website where a bunch of people did the mt. kaala trail, tons of pix
  10. MidEngine4Life

    MidEngine4Life Senior Member

    Have you done Hawaii Loa or Mariner's Ridge? Is the view similar?
  11. kiapolo

    kiapolo I'm not a rapper.

    Done both:

    Hawaii Loa Ridge: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kiapolo/sets/72157594191087922/

    Mariner's Ridge: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kiapolo/sets/72157600693337628/

    Hawaii Loa Ridge is totally different than Mariner's and Kamehame Ridge.

    Mariner's Ridge and Kamehame Ridge are similar, but I prefer Kamehame Ridge (much easier hike, too).

    In rating of ease...Kamehame is easiest, Mariner's Ridge is a little harder, Wiliwilinui ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/kiapolo/sets/72157603426432142/ ) is a little more hard, and Hawaii Loa ridge is the hardest of the easier Ko`olau ridge hikes...
  12. civicshow65

    civicshow65 Senior Member

    You can try go hiking at the top of st. louis heights. There's a park over there and you can hike up there. Think it was 6 miles round trip. Bring lots of water if you go on a hot day...or any day. It's not a fun trail if you are out of shape. It goes up and down over ridges until you reach the koolau. Then it goes side ways up and down.
  13. zangief

    zangief WHAT!!??

    I'm in bad shape, but I just went koko head trail for the first time last monday. Legs was sore for the whole week! Went again yesterday and legs are fine today! Chance um...that's what I did!
  14. LinkzI

    LinkzI N5232G

    Mariners ridge was about an hour in with a 8 and 7 year old girls that like to stop and smell the flowers.

    Click for bigger panorama.
  15. j.rock

    j.rock User Fool

    ooo... i gotta try that one....
  16. JahPahNeh

    JahPahNeh Power User

    ^^ Nice! I'll check it out also.
  17. jahpanese

    jahpanese Senior Member

    how do you get here? thanks.
  18. kiapolo

    kiapolo I'm not a rapper.

    Go up Kamehame Ridge, and at the end of the road there will be a gate and signs saying no tresspass...just go in on the side of the gate and walk your way up, up and a way. Get one more fenced gate way up that is closed...but if you just look on the right side you will see that the fence is gone over there and you can just walk right past the gate part...you gotta climb up and around some buildings to get the best views...

  19. jahpanese

    jahpanese Senior Member

    how long does it take? thanks for the info appreciate it.
  20. kiapolo

    kiapolo I'm not a rapper.

    Maybe three hours total, depending on how long you wanna check out the buildings and view...

    Really easy hike...all road hike...

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