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    IINEKKID Senior Member

    Where do you go for some really good chicken katsu? My all time favorite would be the Old Diners but since they've closed down (and don't even try comparing it to the New Diners because it isn't the same!) I've been looking for another katsu place that's just as good. 15+ years later and I'm still looking!

    FREAKAH Member

    Ramen-Ya in Pearl City across from Wal-Mart and right in front of the new Longs.

    The chicken is really tender.

    Great ramen too!
  3. yakimaroofrack

    yakimaroofrack OG Triple OG

    im on that same boat! let me know if you find a place.
  4. JamHerUki

    JamHerUki HellaFuk'd

    Dai ichi in Aiea
  5. eisforelectronic

    eisforelectronic viper pilot

  6. Pocket Lint

    Pocket Lint Senior Member

  7. RyanK

    RyanK Member

    I've had quite a few places and I find Fatboys to be the best, theres one in waipio and one in Kailua. Thye also have some of the best mac salad.
  8. Myth

    Myth Junior Member

    I only order from fatboys specials. I always get tossed salad instead of mac because I find they have the worst mac salad, tho I only eat at the Waipio one does the Kailua location have different mac?

    Never thought id be saying this but Waipio Loco Moco has some pretty good chicken katsu.
  9. maleko808

    maleko808 F.E. cuhz

    i know its not 5 star cuisine. but the two L&L's in ewa make some decently good katsu too.
  10. elite_dub

    elite_dub Senior Member

    North Shore grinds 10th ave off Waialae .. tender chicken winna sauce

    IINEKKID Senior Member

    I'll have to try all these places out! Just have to spread it out, maybe once a month, don't want to get fat! Hah. But Grace's Inn and Zippys Kailua have been decent for me. Maybe it's the sauce. I don't like mine too sweet like L&Ls.
  12. bandits1

    bandits1 Power User

    Grace's has been a decent replacement for the old Diner's. Not as oily, though, and I miss the oil haha. The other week I actually got a chicken katsu from Zippy's that reminded me of old Diner's. It had extra plenty panko on it and they left in the fryer a little too long so it came out crispier than usual. F*ckers should do that all the time.
  13. RyanK

    RyanK Member

    Never been to the Kailua one, I've only ate at the Waipio one, guess we just have different tastes in mac salad. I find that L&L Miliani isnt too bad either, definitely in my top 3.
  14. kaitaiya

    kaitaiya sleeper keeper

    bang for your buck, DA kitchen across old staduim park in the St louis alumni clubhouse. they give you 3 slabs of chicken and still around $7.
  15. driftahboi

    driftahboi ballin/4bangn/2stroken

    they got chicken katsu?! mean!
  16. Myth

    Myth Junior Member

    I find it extremely bland in flavor. Actually I think flavor is almost non existent in their mac. But their daily fish specials is winnaz!
  17. Nocturnal

    Nocturnal Power User

    I've been trying to find out how to cook it myself. I know it has to do with marinating the chicken in some type of liquor or Japanese thing. Cuz when I cook mine straight up chicken with salt and pepper, da bugga no taste like restaurant kine.
  18. kiapolo

    kiapolo I'm not a rapper.

    you can brine the chicken (simple brine - water, salt, sugar/mirin even). Make sure you tenderize the chicken first before you egg and panko it. I don't do any marinating/brining and the stuff is still ono!
  19. Nocturnal

    Nocturnal Power User

    Yups, the mirin is the thing I was talking about. Couldn't think of it off the top of my head.

    Do you tenderize even if I am using the thin sliced breasts?
  20. kiapolo

    kiapolo I'm not a rapper.

    that may be your problem. Do chicken thighs...tenderize those bad boys (flatten out the thighs after de-boning them)...makes a huge difference in flavor and texture using thighs instead of breast or tenders. Otherwise, no, you don't have to tenderize thin slices of chicken breast, but you would do well to marinate/brine those thin slices for 20-30 minutes before breading and frying to avoid the breast from drying out and having no flavor.

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