Bah humbug! Post here if you dislike Xmas

Discussion in 'FH Lounge' started by BMWDriver, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Humble Soul

    Humble Soul Powered by Poi

  2. exit9

    exit9 Solid Member

    No can. 4man would snap.
  3. camshaft

    camshaft Junior Member

    The only reason I dislike Christmas is that it's become so commercial. Best part of Christmas is buying gifts for the people that you love.
  4. UDown4sum4wheelin

    UDown4sum4wheelin Eats dogs

    That's one thing I hate about it. All the lights and fakeness. It annoyed me every year to go down to Honolulu Hale several times a month to see all the lights and decorations. Cool...something to do. Nowadays it's a bah hum bug...but I dont have kids so my thoughts would probably change when I need to teach a kid hope and find ways to stay busy.
    Ive trying to tink of gifts to get. I only get gifts for people I care about, mostly something they can use. Kind of finding it hard. I bought my friends alcohol for the last 3 years. Im kind of thinking of getting them gear wrenches since thats something I like, something everyone wants to use, and that's one set of tools that you dont wanna be losing.
  5. Act162this

    Act162this Senior Member

    the city lights are okay, the decorations from the different departments are pretty cool and creative, though.

    we'll go down with my son if we have the time, but i hate crowds and finding parking.
  6. Wicked Ball

    Wicked Ball Member

    i hate to say it. i feel OBLIGATED to do something for others.
  7. Act162this

    Act162this Senior Member

    unfortunately, sometimes it's unavoidable to feel that way - esp. when you have a co-worker/acquaintance/long lost relative that gets you a present out of the blue and you hadn't even thought of them...
  8. Act162this

    Act162this Senior Member

    ah, crap. new federal laws just superceded existing codes and laws. my caseload and responsibilities should triple over the next couple of weeks, with no extra help forthcoming...

    this is not going to be an enjoyable christmas season. totally ruined my christmas spirit.
  9. reignjah11

    reignjah11 Active Member

    i usually look forward to new years more than xmas but this past new years eve sucked now that we cant pop fireworks.
  10. BMWDriver

    BMWDriver Bah, Humbug! Staff Member

    Still can, but only firecrackers. No aerials.
  11. Humble Soul

    Humble Soul Powered by Poi

    $25 for a permit that allows only a 5,000? Fawk dat.


    New Years sucks ass without the whole fireworks deal.
    Seriously had a shtty time last year without it.
    Christmas is over-rated.

    Black Friday on the other hand...........
  13. reignjah11

    reignjah11 Active Member

    Exactly, also why did they banned the regular stuff like the fountains, morning glory/sparklers, ground bloom flowers, thunder strings, etc?
  14. 808drifter

    808drifter Internet Haet Machine

    Cause this guy is a banana.

    I'm doing what I did last year.
    Guns + Tannerite = BOOM!!!!!
  15. I-Ruehl

    I-Ruehl Ugly white girl.

    Bunch of crabby sobs in here......
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  16. BMWDriver

    BMWDriver Bah, Humbug! Staff Member

    Have a Merry Xmas, Brandi!
  17. I-Ruehl

    I-Ruehl Ugly white girl.

    Right back at yah!
  18. BMWDriver

    BMWDriver Bah, Humbug! Staff Member

    For the Bah, humbug chronicles.

  19. 03XRS

    03XRS Power User

  20. GZire

    GZire Power User

    I'm quite happy that you have bought into the commercialized Xmas of today. Methinks you must like all the Star Wars films except Empire and that you love Jar Jar Binks................:pompous:

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