American Jungle (History Ch.)

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  1. 808drifter

    808drifter Internet Haet Machine

    Need input from our own BI hunter on this show.

    Takes place on BI following some "clans"???
  2. UDown4sum4wheelin

    UDown4sum4wheelin Eats dogs

    wait, how did you know? o_O:cautious:

    and what kind of input would you like sir.

    clans are more like friends, family and the usual guy or two that tags along..but then again there's "hunters" who are more nuts than me...
    im not one of those people who drink the blood from wild animals. if youre going to prepare food with blood from an animal(goat, cow, dog, pig), it's safer to use farm raised animals, cause even when you boil the blood half the day, you can still get unexpected consequences.
    I dont recognize a 2 month hunting season, I recognize that some have seasons where they need to be left alone to reproduce and not hunted so they can raise their offspring. For wild cattle, pig, and other feral ungulates...its game time 24/7. It's not a matter of letting them get big, its a matter of you getting to them before the state/feds can intervene.
    I dont like the fact that some people control certain areas but I wont complain because im guilty of doing that too. Public area is public area. Private grounds i'll give you benefit of the doubt if you say yoiu get pass, but if I the one who get the pass im gonna be telling you not to be there.
    I consider Big Island my home and dont claim a specific area. No sense claim a specific area cause no matter what, you going have the clown who says otherwise. Many have their stupid reasons, I'll just say this...I try to respect everyone I came across pathes with. You show me respect and thats what you get. I have many stories about hunting and the pricks who F##k with your S##t(slash tires, shoot dog, cut trees down blocking trails). Ive met some real pricks who seemed way off. Im not gonna elaboarate on it anymore, but things happen and it's better to just not know anything. This also includes people who work for both state and feds. I find it crazy that we cant Hawaiian home lands. I find it F##ked up what the military is doing to PTA.

    This show may bring unexpected consequences. There's many people who dont like the idea of how people hunt in Hawaii. Not all hunters in Hawaii will be like the ones showcased. Not all hunters in Hawaii are into power and controlling certain areas.

    TJs a good guy and he's tried a lot to help keep areas open and he's one of the guys who likes living the old way with as little western influence as possible. He's one guy who like be able to show his kids where he has hunted and the whole process of it all.
    As a Big Island hunter I am saddened by the recent decision to fence off previous hunting areas and label it as conservation land with NO HUNTING signs. TJs trying to bring awareness to this and with this show, he can incorparate it in...but like I said, may have other consequences.
  3. 808drifter

    808drifter Internet Haet Machine

    That's what I was looking for.
    Was wondering if the show was straight BS or not.
  4. UDown4sum4wheelin

    UDown4sum4wheelin Eats dogs

    I didnt watch any previews or any part of this clip, so I dont know exactly whats shown. I just hope nothing is taken the wrong way.

    I do understand that some of us want to instill it in people that it isnt ok to just go any where in Hawaii and be la di da di take on what the show should mean to people who watch it...there are people on this island who were raised on eating things from the land and it's a part of life we dont want to lose. There are places that provide for the people, but its being taken away. Im sure there's going to be a lot of "whoa, this place is holding action", or "eh das so and so, why he there"...its probably better to leave out the areas hunted and keep it as a place "certain people control".
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  5. BMWDriver

    BMWDriver Bah, Humbug! Staff Member

    They're really playing those trailers a lot! It reminds me of a local version of that show where they trap the alligators. That is not necessarily good as some of those people look like backwards ass, inbred country folk.
  6. UDown4sum4wheelin

    UDown4sum4wheelin Eats dogs

    Finally had a chance to watch it last night. Fkn buss laugh at all those Harry's:LOL:

    yeah, not my style...o_O

    watcha guys think?
  7. 808drifter

    808drifter Internet Haet Machine

    Couldn't get into it.
    Seems way too fake.
  8. Schuyler

    Schuyler Junior Member

    I laugh at all those, you better not be on my trail or we going fight to the death, all of those seem so set up and the gun shots. But those dogs that got hurt don't look fake, if it is dam they do some good work.
  9. 808drifter

    808drifter Internet Haet Machine

    The dog and the actual hunting seems real.
    (At least the pig ones)

    I mean the whole clan vs clan S##t.
  10. UDown4sum4wheelin

    UDown4sum4wheelin Eats dogs

    No, yeah, Frank Delima could go on that show and mainlanders would say..."wtf is up with that Hawaiian...that white Hawaiian"...fkn nod.

    too bad cant show how it really goes down..but what its really trying to show is no more places for go now. My back yard is also someone elses.
  11. UDown4sum4wheelin

    UDown4sum4wheelin Eats dogs

    One thing that is always fkn around in my mind is coming upon a dead body or skeletal remains. I mean, its a part of life and there's a lot of ancient(over 100 years) remains, but how can you tell if its recent? I know theres some obvious signs, like if it has clothes, or black trash bag, or rolled in a tarp. But it trips me out when I see a few bones, its like I dont want to see more.
    Im just saying this cause its always on my mind when im out in the bush.
    Its fkd up to know, the area you hunt, is the dumping area for other people. fuckin pilau.
  12. zff

    zff F1 junkie

    Finally caught an episode of this show. The subtitles are funny, but I can see why mainlanders would they need them. When I watch Moonshiners, I need the subtitles sometimes. LOL.

    Yeah, I wonder the same thing as 808drifter. The hunting part looks real, but the clan vs. clan stuff looks like they're just playing it up for the show.
  13. countrygirl

    countrygirl New Member

    I lived in hawaii all my life hunted with my dad and friends. Did the whole process of killing to smoking the meat. I have got to say thay this show is one big pile of B.S. I have kept my ear to the ground and this is what I have heard so far...1. They planted the pigs. (meaning those boars are all raised on farms) 2. They got paid 85,000
  14. countrygirl

    countrygirl New Member

    Here are some things that I have heard so far since the show aired: 1. All the pigs were planted from farms. 2. They got paid $85,000 each. Now idk know about you guys but that seems a little far fetched for a first time show budget. 3. All the kids in school that are family to these people need to constantly defend them because there are a lot of people talking about all the B.S. on the show. 4. If you go on facebook people are posting the fake pictures from the "bad moon rising" episode. They hired people to walk around with torches.

    There are a lot more things that I could say aren't real about this show, but that would be a never ending list. I watch this show not because I love it, but because I cant wait to laugh at them and the stupidness the producers made them act out. I am so glad that my father doesnt have cable because he would be pissed and ashamed of his friends acting fake. And yes people all these "clans" are actually friends. These guys are actually all really awesome hunters but I guess in this economy money won over pride.
  15. GZire

    GZire Power User

    Saw the show for the first time last night. It is pretty funny. The splotchy coloration on the piggies make me believe that the hogs are newly feral from domestic piggies.
  16. UDown4sum4wheelin

    UDown4sum4wheelin Eats dogs

    I think most of the hunting footage is real…the story line, no. Who the F##k walks 2 days here. In 2 days you can walk around the whole island. No one uses caves now a days, plus most of those spots are public grounds too…so no sense making like you own da aina.
    I cant say if those pigs are pen raised or not, cause honestly, you just cant tell. Ive pulled many a domestic cross from the island. I know the guy who ran Hogs gone wild bought pigs from a friend of mine and bought a fresh caught pig from my little brother. But since I know reality shows just make you look dumb, I decline being showcased on these shows. lol.

    I doubt they got $85k. Werd was $6k…maybe as a "clan", but yeah girl, we big islanders know what really goes down. ;)
  17. GZire

    GZire Power User

    ^^^Eh you should go poach da aina and steal the piggies.

    BTW I find it funny all the clans are 3 people except for the small dakines which are only two.
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  18. BMWDriver

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  19. Vladimir

    Vladimir Blue Falcon

    who is that potagee fukka think he is claiming he is a descendant of hawaiian royalty? he must be smoking ice with everyone else in puna to be claiming that S##t on national TV. im sure everyone in his town is either laughing at him or smoking ice with him and then laughing behind his back.
  20. Call It Like It Is

    Call It Like It Is New Member

    - Catches (Not all feral pigs.)
    - Very, Very Exaggerated Pidgin Language
    - Territory Wars (LMAO!! Most hunting areas are either Federally or privately owned. There is no questions of rights!)
    - Clans (What clans?!! Hahahaha!! Spear Clan, Ocean Clan, Outsiders Clan, Blood Clan?! Where's the Paraphernalia Clan, LOL?!!)

    Domestic Pig...........................$300
    Bull$h!t Spear.........................$0 (w/ time and effort)
    Local Pride..............................PRICELESS

    This reminds me of a replay of Storage Wars (also on The History Channel)!!!
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