A new accusation against Tulsi Gabbard

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    OP's gonna need a tissue after that post, Monte. Good job.
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    OP = Aniruddha Sherbow
  3. Aniruddha Sherbow has posted again at Topix. I've pasted some of it below in case Topix censors him.
    Read what he says about the stalking stuff. I am inclined to let him speak, especially since he is a former cult insider and apparently a potential embarrassment to all the Gabbards.


    The Opinion wrote:
    <quoted text>
    I've seen no-one giving her "praise and allocades"​

    I don't understand why you give your "opinion" on things you know absolutely nothing about. Seriously. Tulsi just received the Jaycees award for 10 outstanding Americans, also received by Bill Clinton, Dan Inouye, etc. The Governor's wife is praising her on video. She has been endorsed by Sierra Club, VoteVets, etc., etc.

    just asking why you hate her so much.​
    Did I say I hated her?

    Now you've told us. You have a personal problem with her.​
    Must you twist absolutely everything? I have a problem with an elected official telling a bunch of lies about me to the police, the courts, and the papers, and it being on the Internet. I don't believe I am unusual in this respect. You wouldn't be happy about it either, I'm sure.

    To be arrested you must have been stalking her, am I correct?​
    Didn't I answer this on the other thread? Stalking is not even mentioned in the newspaper article. Some commenter has just started saying this. There is no basis for it whatsoever.

    If not, what was the charges when you were arrested?​
    I'm not even sure. It was an illegal arrest. On Monday, they declined to put me in front of the judge, told me I shouldn't have been arrested, and that I could go. There was no bail, as the newspaper falsely reported, making it sound like there was some case against me. This is something the authorities can verify for themselves.

    I will vote for her because she's the only hope against Mufi Hannaman, who is a union shill.​
    You do what you want. Not being responsive, and abusing the power and trust of the position are extremely serious faults. There's always Kia'aina or Marx or Degironimo.
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    Aniruddha Sherbow wrote in the topix thread (http://www.topix.com...S28NCK2JFNUK3EU)
    Sherbow is full of crap.

    Here's how the court case went down. Gabbard filed the paperwork for a TRO at the Courthouse against Sherbow. On March 4, 2011, office Michael Kaya served the TRO on Sherbow. In other words, Sherbow received a copy of the paperwork and instructions of when to show up to court.

    On March 24, 2011, before Judge Okada, the TRO hearing occurred. Problem is that Sherbow never showed up. He never hired an attorney to represent him nor did he come by himself despite being told when and where to go for the hearing. Naturally, Gabbard won by default.

    The next day, the Star Advertiser reports the TRO. At no point since then did Sherbow do anything to undo the TRO. He could have easily filed documents requesting another hearing or he could have hired an attorney to file the paperwork. Sherbow complains that Gabbard has had a whole year to "fix" this when in fact it is he who should have done something to "fix" it. The only natural conclusion is that everything in the court documents and newspaper article are correct.

    As for "stalking", yes the court probably didn't use the word stalking, but calling 35 times from different numbers using sexual tones sure sounds like stalking to me.
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    I used to be a tulsi supporter. I though she was for the people, not the party.
    I could not have been more wrong.
    The more she talks, the more she sounds like all the other self serving demacraps.
    She has support by all the groups that are strong demacrap supporters. They don't care who it is as long as they fallow the party line.
    Tulsi had learned that well, and is goose stepping right in line with the others.
    Manapua mufi is not much better, but with him, at least you know what your getting.
    Marks is good, but has almost no chance.
    Why is it the voters in hawaii are always having to choose the lesser of the worse????
    Are there any honest ones to vote for??????
    Any that will work for the people and not the party????
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    you seem to be in contact with this guy...wanna make sure he doesnt come back? kthanx.

    I have those same two questions you mentioned first...but the 3rd one should be..."Any that will work for the people and not the businesses that voted them in"
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    You have it a bit mixed up.

    The reason I didn't show up for the TRO hearing was because I had no objection to a TRO. I checked with the court: it would not be a failure to appear, but Tulsi would get her TRO. That should have been the end of it.

    The big shocker was an article in the Honolulu Advertiser the next day about this relatively minor matter. The article was filled with lies, and was all over the Internet, and still is. So it was not the end of it, as you can tell by the fact that we are having this conversation.

    As for "fixing it," that is not nearly as easy as you might think. I am a humble nobody, thousands of miles away on the mainland. Tulsi is on the City Council, and has the police and the courts eating out of her hand. I did write to the newspaper at the time, but simply never heard back from them. As I said, it is not that easy to fix something like this.

    Suddenly, my name is coming up again, over a year later, with this stalker business. I am on the mainland. It is simply complete nonsense, whether it has to do with now or before. I am not a very litigitous person, but enough is enough. That is why I have gone public that Tulsi has committed a Felony in Office.

    For the rest of it, you are believing the newspaper, which is also legally liable. I'll save what I have to say for the courts, since it is ridiculously complicated.
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    and the plot thickens....
  9. Yes, indeed. Give this guy some credit for coming forward with his side of the story on Tulsi Gabbard. If he is a fake, we will find out soon enough. It must be very difficult for him because ex-members have been know to commit suicide after being kicked out or quitting the cult. This guy is still standing and apparently has more to say. Vote for a cult-member if you like, but KNOW she is a cult member and may have broken the law in trying to keep it secret.
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    You Made a separate account?

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    I did find her change on same sex issue interesting.
  12. I wouldn't hesitate to create a separate account, but I did not in this case. Also, I am not talented enought to speak like two different people.
    The honest truth is I tried to find this guy after reading the stalking claim two weeks ago. You can read more here:
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    you know what..a tro was granted, the newspaper reported it and you didnt answer the newspaper..so it was the end of it. This is only coming up now because you're digging up dirt. Tulsi fixed her problem with you by getting a tro.
    It's you with a problem. You already said you are nobody. You had your chance to speak in court or stand up for yourself but you havent. With your response you didnt explain fully to us what happened so were left in the dark. The newspaper reported it and that is pretty much what we have gone off of. I still think you're a stalker until you fully explain yourself.
  14. UDown4sum4wheelin

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    well, i'll be darned. have more people sign up then encourage them to quit. that'll fix our overpopulation.
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    Can verify with the admins to check the IP's, if they think using some online anonymizer will hide their real location, I can help with revealing where the user actually is if the admins provide me the data I need.
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    1. Post a copy of the letter you sent to the Star Advertiser. Let us read it. You say you are saving "what you have to say" for the "courts", but the letter doesn't matter because the court is eventually going to see the letter anyway. Any conflicting statements in that letter may be held against you, but if you don't have any conflicting statements what are you worried about? Post that letter.

    2. Let me assure you that Tusi does not have the police and courts eating out of her hand. If you're citing a TRO hearing where the opposing party did not show up as evidence of "power with the courts" then you are crazy. Countless more power politicians have been arrested for worse and the courts did not bend to them. If you have any specific examples or evidence of courts and police eating out of Tulsi's hand, I think everyone here would sure love to hear it. I think those stories would be far more hurtful to Tulsi's reputation than your "felony in office" accusation.

    3. You say "Suddenly, my name is coming up again," hahahahaha. You act like some random person magically, out of the blue, brought up your name. Well, someone did; that person is YOU! Your name is "coming up again" because on July 12, you posted on topix (http://www.topix.com...S28NCK2JFNUK3EU).

    4. You say you are saving it for the courts. I don't believe you. If you are planning to file a case, then please do it now. If you are just showboating and don't have any intention to file any lawsuit then don't pretend like are going to file one. Heck, I bet you haven't even talked to an attorney about "filing a case". Why do I assume this? Because anyone who has ever talking to an attorney would be advised not to post rubbish on the internet accusing someone of anything. Instead, the accuser (you or your attorney) would be in direct contacted with the accused. If the accused denied it all, then the case would get filed. Notice that no part involves posting on the internet. So like I said, post up that letter to the Star Advertiser.
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    I actually don't care whether she is personally in favor of same sex marriage or she's just pretending. I'm in favor of same sex marriage, but I don't see it as a big issue. If a politician can get the economy going, create green jobs, protect the environment, and reduce traffic, but hates gays, I'd throw the gays under-the-bus in a heartbeat. Let me make it clear that I have nothing against gay people, I just have other priorities besides gay marriage.
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    So, you're saying that people like Nick and Clyde have more skills than yourself? Interesting. I wouldn't tell too many people, though.
  20. "...The Ethics Commission will investigate misconduct by CM Gabbard if a complaint is submitted that states an example of a misuse of her position....For example, her Temporary Restraining Order and other comments appear to be made as a citizen. If you have information that shows she was using her councilmember position or other city resources to obtain special treatment for herself, we could begin an investigation. For example, if she submitted her motion for TRO on Council letterhead stationery or used her city staff to conduct research regarding Mr. Sherbow, the Commission would look into the matter. It is the facts that are most important here..."

    The rest is up to you Mr. Sherbow, unless someone else is aware of the facts.

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