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Discussion in 'Formula One & Motorsport Forum' started by GZire, Mar 28, 2011.

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    So seeing as how there are actually other Hawaii guys that are into F1.............who would be interested in trying to set up a trip next year to see F1 return to the US? I've never attended a race and am eager to see one in person.
  2. 808_State

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    Track looks interesting:

  3. zff

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    I went to the USGP at Indianapolis in 2006. Schumi won the race in his Ferrari and retired at the end of that season.

    The Indianpolis Motor Speedway is HUGE. It's mind-boggling. The whole thing is nearly a mile long and nearly a half-mile wide. Walking around before the race, there are people there from every country speaking every language you can think of. It was a remarkably international crowd. There are vendors selling every single kind of souvenir and trinket you can think of and you can hear the roar of the Porsche GT3 Cup opening race. One of the things I thought was weird was that there were Vodafone ads all over the place.

    Our seats were in the stands above the starting grid, and we were right across the BAR Honda garages. I could see them working on the cars with my bioculars, and I could see Jeff Gordon hanging out with them. We sat next to 2 badly sunburnt girls from Japan wearing Super Aguri T-shirts (I didn't even think anyone bought Super Aguri T-Shirts) and they hung up a sign that read "GO TAKUMA GO". The couple on the other side were from Spain, and they were wearing Renault blue and yellow for Alonso. I was in a red Ferrari T-shirt. The filipino couple in front of us were from California.

    We were high up in the stands, but close enough that I could easily recognize all the drivers during the pre-race parade. Both Schumachers, Kimi, Alonso, Montoya..and the crowd went nuts for Scott Speed. We watched the various support cars (including the pace cars) drive around the track, and every once in a while, you'd hear an F1 car start. The first few times that happened, the crowd got quiet. Eventually, the grid started slowing filling up with people and cars. I could see Peter Windsor doing his interviews, the drivers standing around their cars, Bernie walking the crowd and more than a few celebrity sightings.

    The first time I heard an F1 car, I was floored by how loud they are. I've never heard an NHRA top fuel car in person before, and I'm told those are pretty loud too, but an F1 car is louder than anything I ever heard at Hawaii Raceway Park. When the starting lights come on, and all 20 or so cars are standing on their rev-limiters, the sound is INCREDIBLE. It makes the stands shake, and I'm not talking about a deep hard-hitting bass that makes your chest thump. I'm taking about a chorus of 20,000rpm screaming loud enough to make the ground shake. It's totally mind-blowing.

    At this point, it sounds all great and everything, but it all goes downhill quickly after the cars disappear. There was a big pile-up in turn 1, but I couldn't tell what was going on. In fact, that's the super shitty part about actually attending the race. You just sit there watching the race on the big TV across the track. Every once in a while, a car will come zooming by, but then you just go back to watching the race on TV. It's pretty damned boring, actually, and it's hot as hell too.

    Then when the race was done, I couldn't really see the podium ceremony and you don't see the post-race inteviews at all, obviously. You just have to deal with this MASSIVE crowd of people and cars all trying to leave at the same time.

    Overall, the experience was a let down, but everything right up to the start of the race was awesome. If you adjust your expectations accordingly with what I just explained, you'll probably enjoy it more than I did. I don't know what I was expecting, but I guess I didn't expect to be bored out of my mind for hours and hours.
  4. Ronin

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    That settles it!! Based on zff's description and experience I think the best thing to do would be to hit up F1 for the opening ceremony up to the start of the race, then race off to a sports bar near by and enjoy the race in A/C on a fat HD screen!
  5. GZire

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    Zff you are a buzzkill.

    I was intending on potentially turning it into a Man-vacation coupled with some driving school time and shooting classes.
  6. zff

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    Naw, I'm just saying, you gotta have the right expectations. Everything leading up to the race, walking around, soaking up the atmosphere, the start... it's all TOTALLY awesome. I don't know what I was expecting, but I was miserable sitting in the sun for 4 hours (it was over 90°), struggling to watch and hear the big TV across the way. If you go in knowing what to expect, it probably won't be so bad.

    I like Ronin's idea. Everything up to the race, then catch the race at an air-conditioned bar. That would actually be the best way to experience it.

    Actually, I would go again, but I would be smarter about choosing my seats. At Indy, I chose to sit as close to the start/finish line as possible. The pre-race from there is good because you can watch the grid prepare and see the garages. The start itself was totally totally mind-blowingly awesome. Like I said, you just CANNOT believe how loud the grid is when every car is standing on its rev-limiter. But sitting on the front straight, you don't see any action after they take off. You can see the pitstops, but they're actually better to watch on TV.

    Also, I picked seats as close to the track as I could get, but that's not a good idea. I thought I'd want to be up close and hear the cars race by, but you can probably literally hear an F1 car a mile away. They go by so fast, you can't see S##t anyway. Another thing: when you sit close to the track, you can't see the rest of the track -- just the short section you're near. I think sitting in the nosebleeds is actually better, especially if it gives you a better view of the rest of the track.

    Lastly, I would not go unless I could sit in the shade, or unless I knew it was going to be cool. Indy was f*cking HOT that day. I did actually pick a seat that was under roof, but the stands are huge. The roof was like 5 stories above us. If rain was coming straight down, it would've kept us dry, but the sun was just a little bit off to the side and was beating down on us the whole day.
  7. GZire

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    So I guess you need to find seats in the stands, up high, and at the end of a long straight......
  8. zff

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    Well, not just at the end of a long straight, but hopefully near a series of turns too. A "stadium complex" as they like to call it. Turns 8-12 at Hockenheim form a stadium, there's the Mercedes Arena at Nurburgring, etc.

    Ok, look at that map of the Austin track 808_State posted up....

    See that whole section from turns 12 to 16? That's probably going to be a stadium complex. There are probably going to be stands all around the outside of the turns, but there probably aren't going to be any structures on the infield there. So sitting in any of those stands, you'll have a view of that entire section of track.

    Now look at turns 3, 4 and 5. I'll bet they're going to have stands on both sides of the track there. If you were sitting on the outside of the turn 3-4-5 esses, you probably wouldn't be able to see the turn 12-16 stadium because the stands on the other side of the track would be in the way.

    If you sat at turn 1, I'll bet all you see is turn 20 through turn 2 and not much action.

    I think the best place to sit will be on the outside of turn 12 where you can see the cars coming down the hill from turn 11 (hopefully trying to pull off some passes) and running through the stadium complex, probably as far as turn 16.. maybe 17. You might even get a peek of them running from turn 19 to 20.
  9. Ronin

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    I wonder, don't they have a lounge area on site for people to just sit down and watch the race on TV?
  10. 808_State

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    ^ The high roller's lounge? For those who can't be bothered with the noise and spectacle of the race and would rather wax about how great their fortunes are.
  11. zff

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    I was just rereading the posts I made here, and wow, GZire, you're right. I'm such a buzzkill.

    I think I was just trying to set everyone's expectations. Yes, it IS pretty awesome to see an F1 race live. If you're a fan, you definitely need to do it at least once. I was just saying don't expect it to be this super-uber-mega-ultra-awesome experience from start to end. Maybe I just had unrealistic expectations.

    Anyway, I bring this up because now that they've moved the USGP to November, I was thinking it might not be so bad. The sun and heat were murder at Indy. I can temper my expectations and choose better seats, but Austin in the summer? I didn't want to sit in 100° weather with the sun beating down on me unrelentingly for 4 hours. But now that it's gonna be nice and cool? Hey, might be a pretty nice race to see.
  12. GZire

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    Buzzkill........yup, you are old and that comes with the territory............... :p

    Anywhooooo.........you see those handhelds that are being advertised? Basically a smallish PDA/smartphone sized handheld that can pick up wifi broadcasts at the events to help keep you more involved in the event?
  13. GZire

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    ^^^BTW this is what I was referring to:
  14. GZire

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    Austin is back on!!!! (for now)


    All systems go for Austin 2012 07 Dec 2011

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The Formula 1 United States Grand Prix’s place on the 2012 calendar was confirmed by the FIA on Wednesday after organisers revealed they have reached agreement with Formula One Management over the new race in Austin, Texas.

    “We want to thank the fans who supported us, the local officials and businesses who have encouraged us, the State of Texas, Circuit of The Americas staff and Bernie (Ecclestone) himself,” said Red McCombs, chairman of McCombs Enterprises and founding partner of Circuit of The Americas.

    Confirmation of Circuit of The Americas’ 10-year race contract means engineering and construction teams will now resume work on the track to ensure completion for its 2012 debut, scheduled on the FIA calendar for November 18.

    Circuit of The Americas will be the first purpose-built Formula One Grand Prix facility in the United States designed for any and all classes of racing. The master plan features a variety of permanent structures designed for business, education, entertainment and race use.

    Its signature element will be a 5.5-kilometre (3.4-mile) circuit. Other support buildings will include a medical facility, 14 executive meeting suites, a conference centre and a banquet hall, as well as an expansive outdoor live music space. Future proposed amenities include a driving/riding experience, a motorsports driving club, kart track, grand plaza event centre and tower, and a trackside recreational vehicle park.

    For more information visit www.CircuitofTheAmericas.com
    For the full 2012 FIA Formula One World Championship calendar click here.

    For tickets and travel to 2012 Formula One races, click here.
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    Got the ticket pricing info this past week. Too much money for me to go at this time. I guess I should have known that nothing is cheap in F1. :(
  16. zff

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    How much?
  17. GZire

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    $1,000 low end and $5,000 on the high end..................................

    OK I just re-read the email. The price above is the Personal Seat License. I'm trying hard to find what the actual ticket will cost.

  18. zff

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    Damn, I think my eyes almost popped out of my head.
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  20. yakimaroofrack

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    ive been researching F1 in other countries for months already and I can pretty much try answer general F1 questions regarding ticket pricing.

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